Human Resource Development Department

IAAS Hunts for New Members

An event from IAAS for looking the future leaders of the world to be a part of our IAAS Family!

Building on Success (BOS)

An event where you can learn more about IAAS and improve your soft skills with IAAS.


An event to get fun with IAAS family.

Fieldtrip on Training

Fieldtrip on Training is a work program wherehold a fieldtrip to a training venue aims to apply the information obtained about agriculture and related science. Fieldtrip on Training was also coupled with One Night of Closure which is an event to improve bond between IAAS LC IPB members in terms of bonding like having dinner together, sitting around the firecamps, and outbound games

IAAS Orientation Program

IAAS Orientation Program is a program that aims to equip new IAAS LC IPB members through training and mini practice for self-development and formation as IAAS members. IOP is also the first step for new IAAS LC IPB members from Candidate Member to IOP member


Tablets are the initial program in training IAAS Members to recognize the prefixes of Team Building and Leadership. The purpose of this activity is management capital in starting a cabinet term.

external department

Content Creating Class

Content Creating Class is a class for creative people interested in making great contents. The speakers in this class are those who are in content creating fields, and to make it more challenging, the participants are asked to create contents with what they learned from the class.

Public Relation Class

Public Relation (PR) Class is a program from external department to develop participants’ skills on public relation. With speakers experienced in their fields, PR Class is a wonderful chance to enhance participants’ knowledge. There is also Question and Answer sessions and some quizzes to test participants’ understanding of the class.


IAAS Graduation or I-Grad is an appreciation session held by External Department on every graduation. In this special moment, we celebrate IAAS members who are graduating and wish them luck on their next stage of life!


IAAS Gathering or I-Gath is an event held once every two years. Both IAAS members and alumni are invited to this wonderful event. This is a great opportunity for the members and alumni to share their knowledge and experience, and also to relive their joyful time in IAAS LC IPB.

Open House

Open House is an event to give a peek of IAAS LC IPB to students in IPB University especially the new ones. In Open House we are more than happy to explain and answer questions about IAAS LC IPB so you can know more about us!

IAAS Conversation Club Goes to External

ICC Goes to External (IGTE) is a collaboration program between External Department and Exchange Program Department. In this event, we take IAAS Conversation Club (ICC) to Governmental Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations. This is a fun way to learn and discuss current issues on agricultural and related sciences. Participants are welcomed to share their thoughts and opinions while practicing to converse in English!

Exchange program department

IAAS Conversation Club (ICC)

A focus group discussion activity that is open to public both IAAS and non-IAAS members, the participants will discuss one of the themes which is related to agriculture and related sciences. This activity is intended to improve skills and confidence in speaking English.


The National Exchange Program or Exchange Program Nasional is an activity that facilitates students to learn as well as direct practice in the agricultural sector and related sciences at the national institutions, also helps students to create an open perspective and think globally. This activity will be carried out for 7 months including job raising activities, hello expro and promotion, as well as Expronas activities itself.

IASS Conversation Club Goes to External

An activity that facilitates students to visit a Government Organization and/or Non-Governmental Organization in order to discuss agricultural issues and related sciences in a large scope.

Socialization Expro Inter

Activities that aim to socialize Exprointer activities to IAAS LC IPB members as a form of IAAS member privilege. Exprointer itself is an International Exchange Program or Exchange Program Internasional which provides opportunities for IAAS members to learn as well as practice directly in the agricultural sector and related sciences at the international level.

project department


A learning activity held at MI Al-Azkia or a social institution by volunteers from IAAS LC IPB members and non-IAAS member about agriculture and how to behave properly. This event also trains volunteers how to provide knowledge to children and increase the interest and knowledge of MI Al-Azkia students and social institutions.

Do Something

•Do Something 1 (Do Something for Do Nation)

Activities carried out to do something from small things for the common good, this time worshiping donations to help residents of Kampung Jabal Rahmah, Tapos 1 Village in the form of basic necessities and distributed to 160 families

•Do Something 2 (Do Something for Qurban)

Activities carried out to do something from small things for the common good, this time helping to donate sheep to the Jami Jabal Rahmah Mosque where the meat will be divided into 200 baskets and distributed to residents of Jabal Rahmah Village, this is done to increase Islamic value and goodness  between fellow humans.


Ngariung is an activity to gather and discuss farmer groups in Jabal Rahmah village guided by a speaker who is an expert in agriculture to discuss agriculture problems in their village. Ngariung was held by IAAS LC IPB in collaboration with the Kampung Jabal Rahmah farmer group.

VCP Product

Village Concept Project (Product) is a medium for increasing the insights of women in Jabal Rahmah Village about the use of farm products and innovation to increase their market value by exchanging ideas with college students. The activity is expected to increase productivity and economic growth of Jabal Rahmah Village by engage the women to make a village product.


YACT is an educational event for youth to get care more about Indonesian agriculture. There are three series of YACT activities, namely YACT Goes to School, YACT Goes to VCP, and YACT Social Campaign. YACT 2020 has the theme of Good Farm Good Food and is implemented online using the webinar and challenge method.

Science and technology department


I-Class is a class for both IAAS and non-IAAS members where we invite alumni in agricultural and related sciences as the speakers. In this class, we can discuss, share our experience and knowledge with other participants as well.


I-Facts is an activity for STD department to make 500 words brief articles and make it more interesting to share it as an infographic that will be published on IAAS social media. You can check some of our I-Facts Articles in here 


I-Challenge is a fun activity to measure the understanding from IAAS social media followers about the information that has been shared on I-Facts. The Challenge can be in the form of campaign or questions and the winner will get the reward.

Fieldtrip on Training (FOT)

Fieldtrip on Training is a field trip to a training venue that aims to apply the information obtained about agriculture and related science. The STD department will take us to an interesting the training venue every year!


Agritalk is a program from IAAS Indonesia which is an online discussion on Line Openchat. In Agritalk, we can discuss about agriculture development or the latest agriculture issues. We will also publish the result as an article.

Youth Agricareture (YACT)

YACT is an annual program from IAAS Indonesia that aims to raise awareness and knowledge from students about agriculture, related sciences, and problems around us. The activities of YACT are YACT Goes to School, YACT Goes to VCP, dan social campaign. This program is a collaboration with Project Department.


IPB MUN is a new program where we collaborate with other Student Organizations (IAAS, IDC, and IGAF). This program’s purpose is to train diplomacy, critical thinking, and public speaking.

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