About IAAS

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International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) is a student organization for agricultural students worldwide based in Leuven, Belgium which was established in 1957. This organization is not associated with state government, international bodies, and does not interfere with political affairs. IAAS is known in the UN as an NGO (nongovernmental organization).

IAAS provides a place where agricultural students can realize their aspirations through various activities in the field of agriculture. Through the programs of IAAS, agricultural students are trained to sharpen their skills in problem solving that can be used in finding solutions for the complications that the world faces. Furthermore, this organization also facilitates the process of information transfer between students globally.

IAAS LC-IPB was established in 1992 exactly in Bogor Agricultural University, West Java, Bogor, Indonesia. IAAS LC-IPB became the first LC of IAAS Indonesia. Now, we are heading to 26 years of contribution. We are bigger and bigger, better and better than before and always moving forward and we always do everything based on the motto of IAAS “THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY.”

Fachreza Hadi

Coordinator of Control Council Local Committee

It's never wrong to do good things, always try to make value in your life, don't be a destroyer


Revita Elfrina Putri

Control Council Local Committee

We can not make the mountains smaller, but we can find the ways to make climbing easier


Widia Cahyani Fidianti

Control Council Local Committee

Be happy not because everything is good, but because you can see the good side of everything


Azhari Ridha Darmawan

Local Committee Director

It‘s okay to feel tired just never give up


Anggie Kusuma Damayanty

Deputy Local Director

Have courage, and be kind.


Nanda Rizky Fauziah

Executive Secretary 1

Do your best, it will be paid off soon.


Alysa Kamira Kurniani Tirta

Executive Secretary 2

Always outstanding



Treasurer 1

Live your life, and always weird.


Naimas Ayu Solikah

Treasurer 2

Believe in effort, pray, and the power of God


Ferdinandus Archie Pangestu

Head of Human Resources Department

Do the best, trust the process


Rosalia Apta Hanindya Armadiani

Head of External Department

Embrace diversity!


Sarah Salsabila Permana

Head of Science and Technology Department

Do good anyway


Ikhlasul Syawal

Head of Project Department

Work smarter, not harder


Yunicha Elisabeth Sihotang

Head of Exchange Program Department

Trust yourself and ready to break your limit